svk svk - Version Control without the Headaches #22


cvs local svk fsfs svk bdb svn fsfs svn bdb
repository size 311Mb 1010Mb 1014Mb 1010Mb 1014Mb
checkout (cold) 26.0s 90.8s 106.9s 155.8s 175.4s
checkout (hot) 4.4s 24.9s 23.9s 136.6s 59.5s
info (cold) * n/a 111.7s 128.0s 0.3s 0.2s
info (hot) n/a 10.3s 19.8s 0.0s 0.0s
status (no local changes) 5.3s 4.2s 3.8s 13.7s 15.0s
update (already up to date) 5.0s 0.6s 0.6s 11.0s 11.7s
switch (to a tag) 24.9s 14.8s 23.6s 24.8s 18.8s
diff (from tag to branch) 10.2s 2.0s 1.3s 1.1s 0.7s

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