Download svk bootstrap files for pugs and parrot

This page will give you links on downloading svk bootstrap files for offline hacking on pugs and parrot.


I ever used svn, After I understand the concpets of using svk, I wish to switch to svk. I deleted all my svn working copy... and begins to mirror repository from remote server.

But it's a pain to svk sync -a on a repository with over 10k of commits which is like pugs and parrot. I began to sync parrot yesterday. It took almost a day to finish. And currently, svk sync /pugs/mirror just begins...

So I create this page for others who want to hack parrot and pugs, and use svk as version control system...

Download section

How to use the files.

  1. Download the dumpfile.
  2. create a svk repository.
        svk depotmap project ~/.svk/project
  3. load the dumpfile into the repository.
        bzcat project-bootstrap.dump.bz2 | svnadmin load --ignore-uuid ~/.svk/project
  4. sync the mirror to the lastest revision.
        svk sync /project/mirror
  5. use svk as normal.

Note: Please make a local copy first for working offline. Now, all all bootstrap package contains nothing except the mirror.